Water management Understanding the core processes of the water cycle

Water is an essential element in most areas of human life. It is available as tap or process water and is also used to generate electricity. Water management systems are complex and require a great deal of vigilance, as the applications have far-reaching effects on people as well as on the environment. Our learning system EDS® Water Management includes practical exercises and experiments that enable the precise and detailed analysis of the individual processes in the water cycle and illustrate how changes in one area affect the entire system.

WATER treatment station

  • The station is fully assembled, wired and ready to use
  • Water treatment system with basic functions in the form of a water reservoir with overflow edge
  • A groundwater tank with a submersible pump is required for operation
  • Setting flow rate values for volume control
  • Level measurement via analogue pressure gauge
  • Level sensing via capacitive proximity sensors
  • Triggering a flocculation reaction by adding a flocculant
  • Occurrence of sedimentation

water supply station

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water monitoring

The Integrated Real-Time Water Management Platform combines Noveda’s industry leading real-time monitoring, analytics and display with Aqua-Rimat’s innovative LEAK BUSTER water leak detection and water management technology.

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