scale from small iiot to full plant control and monitoring

Implementing SCADA solutions is increasingly complex with the need to seamlessly integrate a broader range of systems and data, the growing threat of cyberattacks and the larger number of assets spread over a bigger geographic area. Emerson’s new industrial software platform brings a new-generation of SCADA system with a modular and easily scalabilable software to help users improve operations, by optimizing the plant and decision-making, identifying issues and managing it more efficiently.

what is scada system

As the name defines, SCADA system provides supervisory control, monitoring and management of various industrial automation systems (such as manufacturing and process control automation systems) by acquiring and analyzing the data from remote devices.

It gathers the real-time data from various remote locations or plants, presents the data on various HMIs, records and logs the data on SCADA database management.


architecture of scada

A typical architecture of a SCADA system is shown in below figure which describes the general configuration and major components of the SCADA. In this, control area or master station house main server which acts as MTU and communication routers.

Also, the control area includes engineering workstations, HMI stations, data servers, and data historians, which are all connected by local area network (LAN). The master station is responsible for monitoring and controlling various remote stations.

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