Reduce your organisation’s energy costs through improved energy efficiency and energy management control.

Energy monitoring and targeting is an approach in energy management designed to eliminate waste, reduce your organisation’s current level of energy use and optimise existing operation efficiency. Energy M&T is used to identify and explain excessive energy use, detect instances when consumption is unexpectedly higher or lower than would usually have been the case, determine future energy use and costs, diagnose specific areas of wasted energy, observe how changes to relevant driving factors impact energy efficiency and manage energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost.


Energy Monitoring System

Energy management is the highest demands to reduce the energy cost in the industries. There are several benefits in the industry of using Automation. This system monitors the consumption of energy of the different areas of the plant during round the clock.

This collected data gives us idea about the energy consumption of the different area and also gives us an information about the sudden changes in the energy requirement with the additional information like the particular time, particular area of the plant and during the certain process.


Our Fully Automated dashboards are providing an analysis of the energy being consumed and a highly accurate forecast of what the energy should be consumed.


The Smart Monitor and our AI Models calculate the projected electricity cost from your Power Supplier (ESCOs) and the actual energy efficiency of your consumption to provide an audit.


The User Friendly Interface of dashboards provide a detailed analysis of the improvement and amount saved through the usage and expectations daily compared to the supplier bills once a month.


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