What's new in Wonderware Online InSight

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What's new in Wonderware Online InSight https://on.wonderware.com/wonderware-online-august2017-update
What's new in Wonderware Online InSight

Well, we might have been a little quieter than usual but when you see what's been released this week -- and what's coming in October (this one is really exciting: OEE in the cloud!) -- you'll appreciate why. 

The latest wave of Wonderware Online InSight features hit our screens yesterday and includes alarm and event overlays, enhancements to Gantt Charts, plus some changes to the Administrator screens. What's best about these developments is that they are all designed to enhance the way you access and interpret data, so that you can make decisions about your operation's performance on the fly. And they are already updated in our cloud-first, mobile-first system so you can take advantage of them now. It is that simple.

What's new in August 2017?

  • Alarm and Events overlay on Line Charts 
  • Enhancements to Gantt Charts
  • Improvements to Administrator portal
Alarm and Events overlay on Line Charts

I've spoken previously about how the ability to visualize data in different formats can help spot relationships between tags, so imagine how powerful it would be if you could also overlay alarm and event information. Well, wonder no more. Wonderware Online InSight now automatically plots any events captured by your on-premise Wonderware Historian quickly and easily using the Wonderware Application Server. 

In the example below the R21.Agitator tag has associated alarm data, and you can see that the line chart has already highlighted areas of interest - or different alarm states. This not only provides a quick visual representation of your operations over time, but also enables you to easily determine what alarms were triggered and when they were acknowledged. Simply click on any event icon to drill down further into the alarm state details.



What are your alarms actually telling you? With the ability to visualize them against other tags that might sit outside of your Wonderware Historian on-premise solution you might find some surprising results. Discover how to set up alarm and event replication in the View events on a chart help file.

Enhancements to Gantt Charts

Using the same example as above, let's create a composite chart by adding the R21.Product tag. One click and you're done -- a whole new layer of richness has been added to your data -- you can now see which product was in production, and at what time, mapped against operational performance data such as temperature, or throughput.

With the latest improvements when you click the Gantt portion of the chart, Wonderware Online InSight will automatically highlight the associated time period so you can more easily correlate information and draw conclusions about plant performance.





Improvements to Administrator Portal

Lastly, for all of the Administrators out there we've made a few changes specifically for you. While we pride ourselves on being the most frictionless industrial online platform out there -- i.e. no massive upfront investment,  and no need for hours of engineering, instead we get you to the cloud in 5 minutes or less -- we always strive to do better. So, this release incorporates some content management improvements, plus the ability to delete solutions, and some new datasource options e.g. JSON upload via drag and drop, or token authentication. All of which help to minimize the burden on you and free up your time for better things... like coffee.


Credit : https://on.wonderware.com/wonderware-online-august2017-update








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